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Who We Are:

KDCK is a non-profit organization. Our vision is a green Kote de fer without poverty. Our mission is literacy, new technology, restoration of the environment, and retention of our culture.

Kote de fer is a beautiful borough in the south east of Haiti.  Kote de fer has a lot of potential: beautiful panorama, white pebble beaches with turquoise seas, beautiful mountains, plains, and rivers.  The people of Kote de fer are always smiling, hard working, and easy to work with once motivated. Kote de fer’s diaspora want to help bring the best out of Kote de fer.


Give Back:

We have just started a new project! Bringing a community center for education to Kotes De Fer. Please join us in the new endeavor, We are constantly finding new ways to improve Kotes De Fer any donation will be appreciated.  We now accept Venmo and Cashapp donations! Venmo donations can be sent to @KDCK-Nonforprofit . Cashapp donations may be sent to $KDCKnonforprofit . And you can always donate to our Paypal account via the button below .

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